Dijamant was founded in 1986, and first it started operating in the village of Maxharë.
At the time, its operation has been excellent, but because of increased demands
of customers in order to full fill their needs and demands, Dijamant decided
to expand by opening its headquarters in Malishevë in 2001. Dijamant is located
in Malishevë on Adem Jashari Street. After an excellent and professional operation, the standard of requirements has increased, which resulted in the opening of a factory.

Dijamant Factory has been opened and operates in Business Park - Drenas
with modern equipments meeting European standards, since 2016,
Dijamant factory produces various solid wood panels. Dijamant also offers various
carpentry wood material such as Oak, fir-tree, Pine, walnut, Ash-tree, Mahogany,
Beech , Cherry , Linden, and floors material, etc. Our main activity production
of massive finger joint panels is from beech, oak, ash, chestnut, walnut,
linden and other types of wood.


N.T.P Dijamant offers a variety of products,
our products can be found here.

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Rr. Adem Jashari
24000 Malisheve


+383 (44) 717 528    


+383 (44) 365 698